Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A stupid bank, an even more stupid courier office and me!

Sometimes, it just makes me feel I’m living in the 15th Century A.D, seeing how stupid organizations around me function. Especially private banks. There is a four lettered bank starting with H and ending with C with D and F in between. I have my account in this bank. It so happened that I lost my debit card last week, and I applied for a new card. The card has been dispatched through a courier office with the name resembling a blue colored dart, and reached my office today afternoon, and since I was in an another branch, the card was taken away.

Now, I called the courier office to enquire about when will I receive the courier again, and I was informed that the card will be sent to the bank, and it will be re-couriered only after a week. But there is a solution, I was told. If the bank is able to send a mail to the courier company, then the courier will be sent to me tomorrow. Imagine the plight of a person with no debit card! I already have tried withdrawing money using the credit card, and paid a heavy price for it (took out 600 Rs and paid 300 RS as a fine plus 30 RS interest per day – totally I paid 930 RS for the 600 RS I took out).

So, I called the customer service of the bank and told them all they need to do is to send a mail to the courier company so that I can receive my debit card the next day. But, I was curtly told by the lady that there is no such rule of sending mails to the courier company.

I again called the courier office and explained them that the bank is saying they cannot mail. The courier lady stressed that there is a facility available and they can only courier me if they receive the mail. Else I will be receiving my debit card only after a week.

Now I am in to the game. I had started playing it and cannot back out. Hence I called the bank again and explained them the courier company is saying that the bank can indeed send a mail. But the lady talking to me didn’t seem to hear what I am talking, and started her long list of sentences she has mugged up as part of her profession (“sorry sir! No such facility is available blah blah blah and some more blah).

Even after hearing this, I didn’t become irritated. Calming down my mind that everyone are doing their duty, I calmly called the courier company again and started explaining what ever bullshit I have been told by the bank, and this time, the courier lady started to bombard me with her long list of mugged up words.

Only after calling up the bank again that I become furious with the set of idiotic bullshit rules they have which do not serve people absolutely. I am the affected person and I am asking t hem to send the debit card again. But they refuse to do so and are talk absolute nonsense which makes to lose my patience. They keep talking garbage like some zombies who know only a few words. I even wonder, will they talk the same kind of words in their houses too?

Imagine this. Husband asking the wife to being a coffee or something, and immediately gets the automated response ‘Sorry sir! We don’t have such a facility here’... How idiotic!!

I then sent both the bank and the courier office a mail which I have given below.

‘This mail is after getting really tired of talking to the customer care and the courier office. I applied for a new debit card and when it was delivered to the office, I was working in a different branch and as a result, the card went back. Now, the Bluedart people tell me they will be sending the card again immediately if they receive a mail from HDFC. But the customer care people are not getting what I am saying to them. They are telling that there is no such facility available. I am tired talking four times each with the customer care and the Bluedart office.

Why is there a big gap between the courier office and HDFC with the stupid rules? I am in drastic need of the card, and I am just asking you people to deliver it to me again immediately and all I hear is people talking like typical zombies saying "sorry sir! it is not possible! Sorry sir! Such a facility is not available... Blah blah'.

Just tell me is it possible to send it again on Friday or do I have to wait endlessly.’

Let’s see what is going to be the response.

This is totally like I am living before 5 or 6 centuries, where communication has not been efficiently developed, and people were dependent entirely on some means of evidence to carry on certain activities.

I wonder what will happen to poor people if such a thing happens to them. I really felt like taking a baseball bat and walking straight in to the bank and the courier office!

Till the stupid rules are broken, these organizations will be inflicting people with their stupidity. There is no doubt about it.


madhan said...

Bagu, may be you could have just walked into the courier office, shown some identity proof and recived your card...but this is possible if the courier office is nearby and reachable...i hope you get it soon !!..


The S c o r p said...

Madhan I first enquired about that option to the lady but she told it was not possible at all.. After sending the mail, I spoke with the courier guy and today evening went to his office and got the courier discreetly :) . . As soon as I came to office, saw ur comment :) . . Thanx for da advice. Sometimes, things are possible juz after breaking the stupid barriers some ppl thrust on us..

madhan said... happened to me as well..worst of all our office moved from one end of the street to other end..10 buildings away and the courier guy was on the rule book...but i just walked in and got it as you did :)...

The S c o r p said...

:) Sometimes, 'adi udavaramadiri annan thambi kooda udava maattanga ' is right !! ::)

Thorough Lad said...

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