Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Elections 2009 - a common man's view

Tomorrow is the election date for Tamil Nadu and for some other states. The final phase of elections. Even while I write this, around me there is a debate going on about the parties and the candidates and to whom are my friends going to vote. At this juncture, I thought about my own view about the elections and decided to write this post.

Well, India is considered to be a democratic country. For the past sixty years, people of this country are voting and selecting their own representatives. Okay. That’s good. Elections are always good in a democratic country. Good to see a nation electing its rulers. Now, what has happened so far, after these ‘representatives’ have been elected to rule? We have witnessed the rise of the ‘common man’ in to the supreme politician, within a few years. And, to add to it, the politician has garnered such a kind of wealth that almost all the politicians in this ‘democratic’ country are crorepathis. ‘Kaun banega crorepathi’? These politicians, for sure!

I mean, we notice it right? We have seen everything. We have seen the politicians becoming goondas by indulging in family disputes. Politicians looting millions of money form the various scams ranging from cemeteries to spectrum. It’s a well known fact among even poor common people about which politician has been involved in what kind of scam and how much he has looted and gained. I mean, what is this? Is this some kind of joke? Is this some kind of a farce?

Politicians who openly murdered a large community of people are ruling the states now. People who just stick to their posts even after witnessing thousands of our own people die in other countries and all t hey need is the post and the money they have looted. Among all the happenings, they just keep canvassing people that when they come to power, they will give a clean regime. My arse!

The people of the country are getting looted by these stupid politicians and every election, they come to us again and again begging for votes. Once we cast the votes, then that’s it. The regime starts again, the plundering starts again and the farce starts again. However hard we have been hit on the face, we still remain to be smiling, declaring our sincerity towards these fools.

Just take a look at the papers. It’s been clear that in certain constituencies, the political parties are bribing people openly. I should have said ‘in most constituencies’.

Overall, these parties make a mockery of the democratic governance India has elected to follow. In this situation, what is the importance of my vote?

To be frank, I must say ‘Nothing’. It doesn’t count. It doesn’t mean anymore. If we vote to even the cleanest of all the candidates, I am sure the ‘major’ parties will make it sure that the candidate loses and it’s their men who win instead. And even if the clean guy wins, he will definitely become a goonda himself.

I have never missed to vote all these years. And I have never missed to observe the plundering of these parties too, all these years. I have understood clearly that there is no meaning to my vote and it will never make a difference, as all these advertisements in the media go.

I am tired to see this country going berserk. I am ashamed to witness all these idiots who make a mockery out of the poor citizen, who just needs a clean regime to fulfill his basic needs. But, I fear the poor citizen will remain to be a poor citizen, and all the politicians will remain to be crorepathis.

Overall, this country has already become like a graveyard. There is nothing left for the citizen. Everything has been looted, and what remains is the poor citizen himself, buried under an anonymous grave. He is alive, but is gradually dying.

Long live India and long live all the politicians! Jai ho!

This link might give you to assess each politician and his wealth and his candidature - http://www.myneta.info/tamil_nadu

Cartoons courtesy: http://www.toonpool.com/


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