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Sarvam - இழப்பின் வலி . .

Loss. Bereavement. Vengeance. This is what ‘Sarvam’ is, in a nutshell. Went to see Sarvam at Satyam Cinemas today morning. It was a different experience, as we woke up at 7:15 and were rushing to the Theatre. Chennai was cool as a result of the rain yesterday night. The theatre was filled with a good crowd. The movie started exactly on time, at 8:30.

Before the movie began, we see the disclaimer which reads: ‘All the incidents in this film are fictitious……. Until they happen to you’. We see an upanishad quote about death. The film begins with Chakravarthi shouting in anguish inside a dark forest.

The film cuts to Arya, and the introduction song. We learn that Karthick (Arya) is an architect. He meets Sandhya (Trisha) in a go-carting race, and falls in love as soon as he sees her. Sandhya is a doctor, and so Karthick goes to her hospital and tries to woo her. Sandhya hates Karthick as she thinks he is not serious about life. Gradually, she falls for him, and the two happily enjoy life. We also see Eashwar, a man who has lost his wife and his son in a road accident. Eashwar thinks that it was Naushad, the man who accidentally hit Eashwar’s wife and son with his car, who is solely responsible for their death, and he repeatedly visits Naushad and threatens him that he doesn’t understand the loss Eashwar has undergone and he will only understand it if his own son dies. Naushad has a little boy Iman, and Naushad finally hides in Munnar, fearing Eashwar.

It is at this point that the story takes a serious turn. Sandhya dies in a brutal accident, and Karthick is devastated. Sandhya’s father tells Karthick that Sandhya’s heart has been transplanted and it’s Naushad’s son who lives with her heart. Karthick becomes emotional and goes on a trip to find out Naushad. By following Karthick, Eashwar too arrives at Munnar.

What happens at Munnar forms the rest of the story. Was Eashwar successful in his mission to kill Naushad’s son? Was Karthick able to overcome his grief? See the movie on screen.

Sarvam is directed by Vishnu Vardhan. Now, all his previous movies are stylishly made (Arindum Ariyamalum, Pattiyal, Billa) and this one too, is brimming with youthful scenes right from the beginning till the intermission. The first half is romantic and is fun to watch, especially Arya’s repeated attempts to woo Trisha.

The second half is totally different from the first half and the story takes us through the beautiful locations in Munnar. The climax is a bit dragging, and I found it uninteresting. Except the final 30 minutes, this film is worthy to watch.

The story has been woven around the central theme of loss. The pain of loss. We see Eashwar gradually getting afflicted with the psychotic obsession of killing Naushad’s son, as he thinks he lost his wife and son because of Naushad. Naushad too, talks in a don’t-care manner when Eashwar comes to Naushad’s house for the first time. All this adds up and Eashwar decides to kill Naushad’s son to make him understand the pain of losing the dearest ones. On the other hand, Karthick too suffers the pain of loss when he loses Sandhya in the accident. But, Karthick’s mindset is to prevent others from experiencing such a kind of pain, and that’s what he exactly says to Eashwar when they both meet up in Munnar. This difference in mindsets is what makes the film worthwhile to watch.

The camera was good, especially in the scenes filmed in Munnar. Nirav Shah has done a good work. The music too is okay. While seeing the beautifully filmed songs, I was not able to stop thinking about Vishnu Vardhan using Rahman in this film. It would have been absolutely brilliant if Rahman had scored the music, as that would be a perfect match with the camera work. Yuvan was also good with the songs but somehow I felt Rahman would have been the better choice, while seeing the songs.

Arya has done a cool job. Although he is very predictable in some scenes, he is okay. Trisha was beautiful. After a long time, she has been shown in a great way, and is cute and attractive. Chakravarthi is the antagonist, and he looks like a younger Kamal Hassan in some scenes. He has done a neat job of the psychotic villain. The little boy who has acted as Iman, Naushad's son is a good actor, it seems. All his scenes with Arya are thoroughly enjoyable.

And, I dunno why throughout the movie, the characters keep praising Ilayaraja. That too, in comparison with Rahman. I can understand that this movie was made during Rahman’s Oscar glory and may be that’s the reason the film makers decided to justify Ilayaraja against Rahman and through Arya’s character, they say that although Rahman is great, Ilayaraja is the greatest! I didn’t like this comparison game which went on almost throughout the movie.

Overall, the film is worthy to watch, but beware about the final thirty minutes, which makes us to question about the logical gaps (holes!!) in the script.

Sarvam – இழப்பின் வலி .


Shree said...

Reading Ur review increased my eagerness to watch it. But was not very happy about it.
Looked like the Alaypayuthe – Part 2. The guy’s name is Karthick and was glad that her name wasn’t Shakthi… just then comes the kid in the hospital who says she’ll marry Karthick.. and guess what her name was “Shakthi”. She is again Doc.. and wow... he is not a SW Engg but an Architect. Was it coincidental or intentional in the naming of the characters? And there is this song sequence after the heroine falls in luv with the hero… well that is the 2009 version of “Pathchai Nirame” song.

Actually… it gives the feel that this is what would have happened to the Alaypayuthe story if ‘Shakthi’had not recovered from the accident. Only that the Eashwar character has been spun in for more of ‘இழப்பின் வலி . . ‘

The last half hour of the movie was like watching a horror movie.. not a sentimental thriller. And yes… Trisha is cute :)

King Viswa said...


First of all, Let me congradulate you for maintaining such an awesome Blog. Truly sensational.

This is the 1st time am visiting this Blog and straight away i liked it. The content makes me to do so.

The review is quite good and makes the reader feel that you are just telling them instead of they are reading it. Keep it up.

By the way, The Movie's Central theme is inspired By a Spanish Movie called 21 Grams. If you have time, catch it up. you will never forget it. The director f that movie is an awesome guy whose previous film 9amores perros) was the inspiration for Mani Rathnam's Aaidha Ezhuththu.

Keep up the good work.

All the very best.

King Viswa
Carpe Diem.
Tamil Comics Ulagam

The S c o r p said...

Hi Vishwa,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I have seen both Amores Perros and Babel and have reviewed them right in this blog, but I missed 21 grams. Will see it shortly. Great to be in touch with a fellow comics fan (especially lion and muthu ) !!!!!

The S c o r p said...

Hey Shree.. That’s rite. It luks like Alaipayuthey part 2, but it’s absolutely something I didn’t notice about while watching the film!! It’s good to know a different opinion..

Overall, I’ve been meeting people who say to me they didn’t like the movie at all. But, to me, I liked the first half, and the songs. Anyway, opinions differ. . Gud to c ur reply.

Rafiq Raja said...

Rajesh: Awesome Blog you have got in here....was linked up through your comment on Anjelo's blog. That Scorpion Background and color combinations are really killing. Congrats.

Yet to see the movie, but your review inspires to look forward for it. Will watch and then pass my comment over here.

By the way, have become a follower of your blog, Keep the good job going.


The S c o r p said...

Hi Rafiq,

Thanks for d comment. I hv seen ur comments in d lion comics site some years ago and from then, I've known u. It's fantastic to be so touch wit a fellow comic fanatic!

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