Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racist attacks in Australia - do we have any rights to raise our voice against it?

We have been hearing a lot of news recently about the racist attacks on Indian students in Australia. We have raised our concern too, about the issue. Overall, it clearly brings out the common consensus that racism is bad, and it must be curbed out. Okay. That’s good to hear. Now, are we qualified to raise the slogan of anti-racism? We meaning, we Indians. Do we have any rights?

Just take a look at the villages in India. How are the dalits treated? Is it not racism to make a fellow human being to eat shit (the real human shit)? Is it not racism to use separate glasses for the dalits to drink water in public shops and hotels? Is it not racism to massacre people just because they belong to a caste which has been idiotically declared as a lower class by some foolish racist pundits? Is it not racism to laugh at the woes of these poor people? Is it not racism to aviod even touching the 'so called' lower caste people and washing hte place where thay stood or sat criticizing them as untouchables?

This is happening all over India, in all its villages. More dangerously, the ‘so called’ higher class people practice this racism in their homes and surroundings even in metros like Chennai! It’s ironical to see the same people shout against the attacks of Indians in a foreign country for a cause they themselves are practicing - racism!

In every village, dalits are killed. And the reasons are justified. Take a look at t his link - There are hundred more links available in the net.

Not only dalits, but almost every ‘so called’ lower caste is oppressed and ill treated by the ‘so called’ higher castes. I oppose racism in any form. Let it happen in India or anywhere – I oppose racism. What I mean here in this post is that, racism is abundant all over India, and almost every single Indian has either practiced it or experienced the cruelty because of other people practicing racism. Now, what rights do we Indians hold in shouting against racism in a foreign country if we ourselves are practicing the same racism inside our country?

Be ashamed, Indians! Be ashamed to be born in such a stupid country which practices on idiotic communal rules given by some egoistic racist pundits. What else can we do?


Shree said...

I totally agree... When we point a finger at another, we need to remember that 3 of our own fingers are pointing at us... jeering at our stupidity.
As u said, racism does not stop at the villages and is seen in our day-to-day life in every other towns & cities.

I seriously don't understand how people are categorized by their caste. Its not like the 1700s or 1800s where certain grp of ppl did only a certain job. Things have changed now. We find ppl from all 'caste' in almost all fields of profession. Then why do we still follow the 'higher-lower' caste stuff. It hurts to see our fellow human beings treated thus.

Rajesh said...

I too have same concern.

When Australian family is burnt live in ORISSA, no one compliant about that. Now they are giving it back. That’s it…

It normally happens when foreigners taking advantage over the locals.

If you see the affected people in Australia are high class, rich people. If the same is happened to any of servant, house maid, taxi driver working in Australia, no one will make such a big issue…

King Viswa said...

All said and Done, Both the Incidents (India's Racism - Orissa Issue) & (Australia's Racism)reflects the type of society which we are all part of it.

Sad state of things.

The S c o r p said...


Shree, Rajesh and Viswa.. Our country is like an irresponsible bully when it comes to issues like racism and communal violence. We think we are right and we do things which easily offend others. I mean, just take a look at the traffic signals, for a start. No one (including us) believe anymore in harmony and in rules. Anywhere an Indian goes, he behaves the same way.. And the beauty is that we just can't do anything about it... How sad this is..

I'm seriously considering settling down in a foreign country like France. . Not to hide from the facts, but to grow my children in to responsible, law abiding ones..

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