Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Don't go to Usmaan Bhai ! Ignore him !

So many incidents have happened in the past one month, and they all have made my time buzy, and as a result, I have not got any time to update my blog. I will update it soon, and hence kindly bear with the delay.

Now, I'm composing this post to tell the readers about a fraud named Usmaan Bhai. I have written about meeting him in Tiruvannamalai in this post earlier. It has turned out that this guy demands huge money from the people he meets up with. The medicine he gives to people is powerful and real, but then he demands lots of money from the people who go to him. Hence, my sincere advice is to ignore t his guy. Don't go to this guy henceforth, and just forget that such a guy existed. I am not going to remove the post which I have written about him, and it will serve as a costly error in judgement whenever I think about making such stupid moves in the future.

Read about the entire episodes in Charu Nivedita’s website in the below given links. You can also read my letter to Charu about the Usmaan Bhai episode.

See you people with a new post soon. Until then, njoy and hv a blast !


Anoop said...

i was wonderin what?
i hav read ur blog abt Usman bhai which u kinda praised him and now what happened...

i really don believe in such people..

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