Tuesday, November 01, 2011

7th Sense - Nonsense !

Happened to see 7m Arivu' yesterday evening, in-spite of my severe cold and cough. It was then I decided to write this review here, as I thought it will be a good kick start to my revamped English blog. I'll be writing here at least once a week henceforth, hopefully,as this is my home pitch, the place I started blogging, way back in 2006. 

It's been discussed severely among Tamil bloggers if this film is a hit or not, and if this film deserves the hype it created. I read some posts which criticized the film and some, which hailed. A general point I can't stop noticing is that, throughout the film, the characters keep saying they are too proud to be a tamilian, and they keep uttering the nuances of Tamil being one of the oldest language in the world. The people who saw the film en masse were all influenced by these dialogues, which have been carefully woven around to target these people. And, Murugadoss has succeeded in his attempt to hypnotize these people, I would say. Wherever you see in the Tamil blogosphere, I see criticisms against people who say this film is a crap attempt (which it actually is). People are getting attacked in the name of the language. Until yesterday, not even a single soul knew about 'Bodhidharman' and suddenly today they seem to have inherited him as one of the flag-bearers of Tamil culture. 

What nonsense !

I would like to say that the Pallava kings were never considered to be Tamil kings, if you take a closer look at the history. They spoke sanskrit along with tamil. If we see their names, the father of Mahendravarma is called 'Simhavishnu', and the son of Mahendravarma is called 'Narasimhavarma', two clear sanskrit names. Not only does the names stop there, but they continue as a legacy. 'Nandhivarma' is the next king in the lineage. Although  these pallava kings patronized tamil, the fact that they are not Tamilians can never be ignored. 

And, there are references about 'Aryabhatta' in the film, and it seems he too has been inducted in to the Tamil hall of fame. Again, another nonsense ! 

The dialogue Shruthi talks, about the English talking people ridiculing Tamil, is the stupidest dialogue I have ever heard in any film I have ever seen. What was Murugadoss thinking, while writing these dialogues? The fact is, both the producer and the director have decided to cash in banking on the sentimental feeling of the Tamil masses, and they have succeeded. 

The second nonsense in this film is the 'Nokkuvarmam' - the art of affecting a person's thoughts and to turn him against his will. It just doesn't work. Seems Mudugadoss has decided that the Tamil people will believe everything he blabbers about in the script. 

Another stupid attempt is the DNA concept, which clearly has been copied from 'Assassin's Creed'. In Assassin's Creed, the concept is totally believable, as it's a fantasy. But the tamil film, which is neither a reality nor a fantasy, totally makes us to puke, when Shruthi, in her Tanglish voice, tries to blabber something about the DNA bullshit. 

Overall, the film is a huge let down. Nothing more to say. I pity the Tamil people who have actually believed in this film, and have started to run their mouth about the lineage of the Tamil culture. There are better places to research for, and 7th Sense, most certainly, is not that place. 


Chelian said...

I'm Glad that this movie blatantly exposed the real talent of a guy like Murugadoss. You can't always succeed by copying. More over Being a Tamilan and Indian kind of feelings must be in our Heart and in our actions , But in this movie they just show it in words! I seriously why our people gets obsessed if someone turns up to provoke their feelings and get paid for it. Anna Hazare , Seventh Sense and the list continues!

உலக சினிமா ரசிகன் said...

நண்பரே!இந்தக்கருத்தை தமிழிலிலும் மொழி பெயர்த்து தங்கள் தமிழ் பிளாக்கில் வெளியிடுமாறு அன்போடு வேண்டுகிறேன்.

கொழந்த said...
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கொழந்த said...

Regarding Pallava's, there's still a lot of speculation going on about the origin of pallavas. Some people are saying they were from persia.......Some consider that they were the descendants of Satvahana's.......I know u r aware of this things .........

But many historians are saying they were the natives of thondaimandalam & later, they moved to kanchi region. so many excavated details are also in favour of this conclusion.Still the hunt is going on to find a convincing piece of evidence to ensure the above said fact.

So, in my opinion - why we have to rule out the possibility of pallava's being tamil which has more evidence than the other theories ???


And it seems u r much more comfortable with english rather than tamil........

தமில் வாழ்க .......

Elamparuthi said...

nna,apapa tamil bloglaum eluthunga...eneku ennamo itha vida athuthan pudichiruku...

Venky said...

A good re-start of the second innings on your original pitch my friend. I'll keep watching this space for more. :)

minmini said...


welcome back 2 your own castle.Happy to see you here after so many days.

I differ your feelings regarding the movie( infact u might have seen my facebook update which i gave cautiously after confirming u had not watched it so that I dont target u).
It was three months back when i grazed through sixth standard social sciences book( which i did when i got confused about a mention about southern ocean which i have not heard of) that i gone through a mention about bodhidharma in it in pallava chapter. It remained in my mind as I am from kanchipuram.

kanchipuram, the so called capital city of pallava temple does not have the remains of the traces of a capital city. Infact it has many temples, I suppose the kings might have lived and ruled there as i dont see any palaces there.

Infact, i am much angry about india and about the regional phanatic nature of tamilians, i accept acculturation is less among tamils. we are adamant and backward for these reasons for not mixing up. I like bangalore more than any city in tamilnadu and in India .

stop... why these blah blah.... yeah i am coming back to the topic.

Please have a broad vision on tamil movie industry. so many nasty movies comes and goes. but they were liked and encouraged for the little bit positive things in these movies. when compared to all these, I feel ezhaam arivu is relatively better inspite of the flaws and logical mismatches. Do think in my angle and you might accept my stand.

anyway, I expect regular posts from you here.As told by kozhandhai, your comprehension and flow seems good in english.

www.rasanai.blogspot.com said...

hai son of a gun
nice post @ chelian : totally agreed they are just enchashing the invested money by provoking and over hyping the film because thats their business. yes they are here for business ONLY not for saving or reminding the tamilians their language and culture. if you happen to see the nonsense film telugu version the tamilian tag was underplayed and slightly modified to indian. ( lot of compromise and cuts for lankan version on tamil eelam ) if they are really out and out interested on tamil language and culture then what is the need of under-portrayal of bodhi dharma as tamilian in telugu versions and why the compromise on eelam- thoughts. this is truly a chameloeon style ( or pasu thol pothiya nari not tiger ) being a nature and forest lover i will not insult our national animal tiger. cheap copiers. will not support this trash for best pick of the lot. ( Deepa "vali--- pain" releases ) now this is made fashion atleast they had worked hard for an off-beat period tamil cinema and blah blah blah..... god save the poor fellow / tamilians/indians. writer sujatha too said "mudhal kurangu pesiyathu tamil " nnu jalli adikkatheenga. finishing the comment from your "best Dialogue" quote by harry callaghan ( other readers please read the right side snippet in this webpage ) they are not here for red cross. yeah he has got a point. ha ha ha.... enjoyed the dialogue and hope it aptly suited for the nonsense film.
you know ( no need to tell you ) you can just copy the english version and use the translation tool of google and post it into tamil blog so that both have same meaning and minimise your time vice versa so that your followers on tamil and english can have your views understood.
sundar g ( rasanai )

The S c o r p said...

@ Chelian - I totally agree with your view. I dunno. It seems tat certain people are affected by this sudden 'furore' of tamil feeling and they started thinkin tat tamils are the numero uno in world culture and blah blah. I don't accept such a thing at all. We'll c

@ உலக சினிமா ரசிகரே - கட்டாயம் தமிழில் எழுதுவேன். அதற்கு, இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் தகவல்கள் சேர்த்துக்கொண்டிருக்கிறேன். அது முடிந்ததும், எழுதிவிடுகிறேன்.

@ கொழந்த - Yea. I have some idea about the pallavas, their origin etc. I have read the data from a few excavated details too. As far as I know, there is no concrete evidence to portray tat Pallavas are tamils. Anyway, I'll look in to the data again and will post a detailed synopsis in tamil.

@ Elamparuthi - Definitely will write in tamil too :-)

@ Venky - Dude.. thanx for the feedback :-). I'll keep writing here frequently for sure :-)

@ Minmini - I totally agree with wat you are mentioning here. Despite the flaws, Tamil films have to be appreciated for their content. Agreed. But, this film, from the beginning, has thrived on the tamil sentiment of the people of TN. Tat's like provoking a cultural war, isn't it? If u keep on aggravating a person's feelings, he, for sure, will tend to act violently. I can never agree with the producer and the director targetting the tamil feeling and sentiments. Tat's y I still oppose the film. Hope u can understand my point of view.

At the same time, I have praised 'Aranya kandam'. To me, tat's a complete tamil film, on par with any world film. I expect such films in tamil. Tat's y my review friend..

@ Sundar g - Thanx for the detailed comment. I agree with all ur points.

About the translation tool, It gives word by word translation, and not the complete grammatical translation in tamil. I have already tested it out. Anyways, I'm planning to write a detailed post in tamil soon, abt the points I Have mentioned here. :-)

கார்த்தி said...

Openly saying "Confused","Whom To believe?" etc....etc..,.....
But your review is apt and an nut-shelled one.
(Please read this one too http://mathimaran.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/460/)

ஜெகதீஷ் குமார் (jegadeesh kumar) said...

In the name of safeguarding tamil culture, legacy etc we have been harassed, humiliated, cheated and denied even our freedom of expression by political parties of tamil nadu.

ezham arivu is another such attempt to capture the general feeling of the tamil public.

seventh sense simply lacking sixth sense.

your review is a nail on the head. thanks.

Noname said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noname said...

Copied from Matrix too! especially in the road chasing scene, and due to kodumayana nokku varmam people start attacking, not only hero but also those who are watching:)
Reminds me of the chase sequence in matrix reloaded.

Climax scence was hilarious!
When villain and the girls see the bare body of the hero, they are awe-struck:)

முத்துவாப்பா said...

Murugadas copied character,visuals,scene from various hollywood movies.

Chines villan - Mercury man from Terminator 2
Visuals of Virus Spread - Outbreak
Climax - Matrix

Dev said...

Hi Rajesh,

I am amazed to see your sincere attempts to review the movies, putting a lot of effort in research & your eager to educate your readers.

I saw the movie on the second day (Thursday) at Fame Lido. And I didn’t feel that we have wasted the money. AR M did some serious research and put a lot of hard work to construct this product. First 20 minutes of the movie is awesome.

As you said the Director tried to woo the people by trumpeting on Tamil, Tamil. So what? This is the least we can do to remind/motivate us that ours is the oldest language & one of the oldest civilizations.

Knowing you, I thought you would beat AR M on the script. Badly done. The nokku vermam is irritating. The pathos song is pathetic and slows the movie. And AR M(god) only knows why Surya had to take on the villain when there are so many government agencies available to take on the external threat/terrorism. Not even a single frame on any official agency/organization’s involvement. Also my son, 9 years old, can tell me what would be the next scene on the second half. He said during the 12 day process of DNA implantation/inception, “11th day the villain would come”. These age old clichés should change for better. An intelligent start but a very ordinary end.

Shruti is sweet and reminding Kamal’s mannerisms. Suria as usual did a fantastic justification to the character. When Suria says “Oru Tamilana 9 nadunga senthu konnathukku peru veeramilla, droham”, we should know that India & Tamil Nadu are one among those 9 countries and the producer’s grand-father too shares the blame for it. Also when I heard the claps from the audience for this dialogue, I said to myself we are the best hypocrites in the world.

And I dont agree that the movie is a non-sense.


Sami said...

the first 20min it's just like doc. flim and the language don't even correlated don't they watch ayirathil oruvan that flim got good language than 7th'sense
the bio-war which has been taken as prime subject in "E" tamil movie 2005 i think
muruga doss lost his pot filled with ghee
I think it slipped due to the hype which he created

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