Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is the way it should be . .

It's a silent night. It's a birthday party. But the girl whose birthday is getting celebrated inside the house, is mindlessly roaming outside. Her heart is filled with many thoughts, and she is obviously unhappy about something, which she cannot determine. Slowly the music begins from inside the house. The guitar. The melody. The night. The wind. 


She turns back to see a guy standing there. To her, he is just another visitor for the party - who hurriedly got invited by her boyfriend that afternoon. But to him?

She is the dream of his soulful nights. He has been waiting for this moment for a long number of months. He knows that if he misses this moment, it would again take him many more months to talk to his princess - standing right before him with a soulless face. So he says - 'Hi'.

Have you experienced the queer feeling of trying to talk to your most favorite girl in person for the first few times? The words wouldn't escape your throat. Your brain is drained. You don't know what to talk, and you would have usually messed up that situation. Our guy too is confused. 

'I . . . .ugh'. . . 




(breathes heavily)...'You know the song?'

'Mhm... yea'

'Do you sing?'

'No. Nobody wants to hear me singin'. You don't want to hear me singin'

Now he feels happy to talk to her. He wants to talk more. and more. and more. His soul is standing before him. 

And then the unexpected happens. She says : 'But I can dance'. And she stretches her hands. That hits him hard in the head. The song reaches it's pinnacle moment. 

'This is the way it should be. . for lovers..
Come to me. . Now we can be what we want to be. . 
I love U and now I see...
This is the way it should be. . '

He slowly grabs her hands. They both look in to each other's face. They dance. This could be just two words here, but it's like a lifetime out there. They dance. 

She slowly smiles at him. He feels overwhelmed. They move close. He holds her shoulder. She too. He hugs her, while dancing. 'This never happened before'. Slowly he rests his head on her shoulder. 

Then they kiss. His soul is kissing him. They kiss. 

There ends a most memorable sequence in a most memorable film for me. The Lake House. Paul McCartney's unforgettable 'This never happened before'. See it here. 

Love. Something wonderful. Something painful. It's a complex thing, and unfathomable indeed. It could suddenly open up your heart even by just hearing a stupid song, seeing a bad movie, or just like that, out of nothing. The memories it brings in your heart at that exact point are countless, and the feel is something which had to be experienced. Love brings us maturity. It increases the taste in everything, and it makes us more civilized towards fellow humans. More than that, the way look at life broadens. It's a very unique feel, and is again something I would say every human being should undergo at least once. 

So, here is one more song - from Love Actually, pointed out by a friend of mine. According to her,  If you listen to the lyrics, she equates looking at clouds to looking at love and looking at life. I was blown away by the words, and when you combine them with the mellow melancholy of her voice, it's amazing. I too was drawn in to the song after hearing it, and it brought out many emotions. 

Enjoy dear friends, with these two songs, and I will see you  soon.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Prometheus (2012) : 3D - English - Absolute crap !

Right from the day the trailer was released, 'Prometheus' had a hype among the movie goers. I was not an exception. I wanted to see this film, as, from the trailer and from the internet, I learned that Scott will be presenting his take on the incidents happening before his big hit 'Alien' (1979). Also, since Ridley Scott is venturing in to a very familiar territory, I was wanting to see this film first day first show. I did. 

What does this film say?

If you an alien expert, 'Claude Vorilhon' would ring a bell in your head. The Alien guru. Inventor of Raelism. The man who wrote the book called 'Intelligent Design', about how the alien master appeared in front of him and explained him the secrets of the creation. In short, the alien said: 'Listen. It was we who designed the humans, out of a scientific experiment. There is no god. I am the oldest of your creators'. 

The question about the origins of the humans has long haunted the minds of many people, and out of them, Ridley Scott decided to pursue his 'prequel' dreams. As a result, Prometheus. 

Before seeing this film, I had a huge respect for Ridley Scott. His films like 'Matchstick Men', 'A Good Year', 'Thelma & Louise', 'Body of Lies', 'Robinhood' were a few favorites of mine. 

The movie begins with the scene of an alien, descending down on an uninhabited Earth, and disintegrating down to create the one celled organism, and from then on, life flourished.

We subsequently see Prometheus, a space craft, in search of a distant planet in the year 2089. How did they find this planet? Well, there are numerous 'evidences' from the pre historic days -the cave paintings - which we get to see in different parts of the world, with a similar pattern - the reference of six planets in the sky. By 'analyzing' these paintings, the scientists have found out about the distant galaxy and the sun there, with a planet resembling the earth and it's moon !!!

The members of the space craft are quite similar to the members from a mental asylum. Each one has specialized in his particular area of pissing off the others. 

I'm giving out certain points, which, if considered the plot points, would provide the premise for any movie about the aliens.

1. The captain of the spacecraft would be a black guy. His only duty would be to keep shouting 'Oh my God!' or 'Hurry Up. They are coming' or 'America! Here we come !'

2. The crew of the spacecraft, as I said, are a bunch of clowns.

3. There is definitely a person among them who ridicules everybody else, and gets to die first in the hands (or rather, in the fangs of) the alien.

4. There has got to be a big cave in the alien planet.

5. There is most definitely a snake shaped alien, who drills down the body of the victims and emerges out from the stomach of the dead person.

6. The lone survivor at the end, would be the female lead.

7. The alien aircraft is hidden somewhere in that planet, whose controls are known very easily to an android robot with the humans.

8. The alien aircraft would start from the planet at the end.

There are some more. But, these would suffice. 

Ridley Scott has miserably failed in trying to come out a yet another alien attempt. Every scene is known to the viewers, and they create nausea in the minds of a fan, who believed in Scott and who wanted to get a good experience out of this film. The climax is pathetic, to say the least. I didn't find even a single scene, worth watching. 

Overall, this is a huge let down. I would suggest the movie goers of this weekend to see 'Madagascar 3' instead, as I am sure, it would never be - for that matter, no other film would ever be - as uninteresting as 'Prometheus'.

A sincere advice to the senior director Ridley Scott - please rest for a while. Please spare us from your outrageous ideas of making an alien film, and please take rest. The days of Ridley Scott as a director are over. Let's cherish his older movies, and let's bid him farewell. 

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